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CPM is the parent to world-leading process equipment and systems companies around the globe.

Our companies represent broad product portfolios and serve diverse end markets. We are experts in large-scale commodity and value-added processing. CPM companies are aligned in our value proposition and committed to delivering enduring value to our customers, employees, shareholders and communities.

Our logo is a shield of quality, efficiency, reliability and ingenuity. It is a unifying mark that connects CPM companies in vision, purpose and commitment. It is a mark of integrity and excellence.

The California Pellet Mill division is the namesake of our company. California Pellet Mill companies provide process equipment that grinds, flakes, breaks, conditions, pellets, briquettes, weighs, cools, controls and automates.

California Pellet Mill

California Pellet Mill is the worldwide leader in pelleting and pellet systems for animal feed, biomass, material recovery and many other industries. The equipment is used to densify materials for improved handling, dust control, and ingredient processing. California Pellet Mill covers the world through three operating entities.

Roskamp Champion

Roskamp Champion is the worldwide leader in material grinding and preparation equipment for the oilseed, animal feed, ethanol, biomass, chemicals, waste recovery and many other industries. Roskamp Champion is based in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, with affiliates offices through California Pellet Mill.

Beta Raven

Beta Raven is a leading supplier of automation, controls, liquid dosing and scaling equipment for animal feed, oilseed, biomass and compounding industries. Beta Raven is based in St. Charles, MO, USA, with engineers distributed at multiple CPM locations.

Di Più Systems

Di Più Systems is a leading suppler of mechanical and hydraulic briquetting equipment for the biomass, metals and materials recovery industries. Di Più is based in Breganze, Italy, with affiliate engineers at multiple CPM locations.

Bliss Industries

Bliss Industries is a leading manufacturer of hammermills, pellet mills, counterflow coolers, and peripheral equipment for the biomass, pet food, and animal feed industries headquartered in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

The Crown division provides process equipment and systems for preparation, extraction, drying and liquids processing. Crown has grown from a solid-liquid separation company to a global provider of value-adding processing for edible oils, protein concentrates and oleochemicals.


Crown is the world’s leading supplier of oilseed processing technology including oilseed preparation and extraction equipment and engineered systems. Crown is also a leader in value-adding processing for edible oil, protein concentrates, biodiesel, glycerin with industry-leading refining, drying, oleochemical technologies. Crown’s delivers innovative process engineering solutions along with superior aftermarket support to customers around the globe.

The CPM Extrusion Group provides process equipment and systems for high-value extrusion applications. CPM Extrusion companies cover the world with unmatched capability in metallurgy, process design and standard or custom extrusion systems for compounding, masterbatch, food and feed extrusion.

Century Extrusion

Century Extrusion is the leading parts supplier of twin screw extruder parts for the compounding and pet food industries. Century has leveraged its aftermarket and service roots into market-leading extrusion equipment and systems.

Ruiya Extrusion

Ruiya Extrusion is the recognized leader in complete extrusion process systems in China and developing countries. Ruiya offers equipment ranging from feeders to pelletizers and represents an entirely new value proposition combining the best attributes of Century and Ruiya technologies.

Extricom Extrusion

Extricom Extrusion is the world’s leader in ring and twin extrusion technologies and aftermarket parts supplier for Europe. Extricom is the global leader in extrusion innovation developing patented process sections and complete machinery with unmatched capabilities for existing and new material processing.

The CPM Thermal Processing division provides process equipment for preparation and thermal processing of materials including drying, roasting, toasting and baking technologies for the food, tobacco, animal feed, biomass, fiber, and chemical industries.

Wolverine Proctor

Wolverine Proctor is a leader in value-added thermal processing for the cereal, snack food, textile, rubber, and tobacco industries. It also offers leading flaking and shredder lines for cereal applications.

TSA Griddle

TSA is the world leader in griddle systems for ready-to-eat, batter-based breakfast and frozen foods. TSA equipment is unrivaled in technology application, food safety and production capability.

The CPM Packaging Group provides machinery and processing equipment for the beverage can making and adjacent container and packaging industries.

Greenbank Technology

Greenbank Technology is the lead in two-piece can metal finishing. Greenbank’s thermal processing and washer product offerings have revolutionized two-piece packaging.


Proline is a leader in high-speed, high-volume conveyance systems. Proline produces bespoke solutions for mass conveyance of two-piece cans connecting all vital process machinery into a unified system.